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We are two bros with different talents working together to meet your business needs.


Web Design | Branding | iOS design

Brandon is a graphic designer at Gensler, and a recent Texas A&M graduate. Biker, graphic designer, 42 pro, novice golfer. Loves sports, music and napping. Obsessed with food-eating, cooking and talking about it. You can count on him to be on archdaily, ESPN, dribble and dezeen for the most part of every day. And he's got a killer fashion sense.


Web Developer | iOS Developer

Coulton is currently studying computer science at Texas A&M University. Music lover, football fanatic, genius. You'll find him on his computer all day everyday. Frequently takes advantage of the Netflix Instant-stream. Parks and Rec quoter, juice lover, tweet crafter. Trying to get into coffee.



Handmade Pet

Handmade Pet is a startup that sells handmade pet products. As reflected by their logo, they pride themselves in manufacturing their products in the USA. TwoBros had the opportunity to develop their identity and web presence.